BIPCAM SDK Download page

All required files are contained in a single archive. It contains all source code for rebuilding API and application examples and demonstration for both gnu/linux and Windows operation systems. However we'll provide packages for some specific OS, such as Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Older releases can be found here. Also please see change log. For people using Bipcam development board, please also download the specific firmware required.

New: A new library in C, BVS_Framework, for BIPcam and also other BVS products (BIPeye, BIPnet) is curently in development. It focuses only on perception aspect of BIPS processor. A preliminary version, already working with BIPCAM can be downloaded here.

SDK and Firmware:

Packages (optional)

Debian Packages can be rebuild from the SDK archive.


BIPCAM SDK is built on top of well known and largely used libraries, such as SDL or LIBUSB. These library are efficient, stable and also portable:

Development board

For development board, you'll need to use a specific firmware instead of the firmware provided in the SDK. However, the board is fully compatible with the SDK.

Older Versions: